John Moore

hacker, developer, engineer


Job search on Google

Google launched a new feature in search that helps users find and explore job postings when they issue job-seeking queries on Google. CEO Sundar Pichai announced the feature during his 2017 Google I/O keynote as a critical piece of the company's new effort to connect jobseekers with jobs. The feature is now a part of the larger Grow with Google initiative.

I led the design and implementation of the feature's data ingestion and serving systems. Challenges included building a system that can ingest and surface jobs posted only hours ago at scale, and that any public website can participate. Try the feature now by searching for "jobs near me" on Google.


Whiteboardr is an interactive, collaborative web application aimed at educational markets. Whiteboardr can be used in-class with a classroom management system or online to augment web-based courses. Winner of "Best Overall App" at Google Chrome Academy 2013.


Downtyme lets you spend your free time with the people that matter most. Using calendar integration and geolocation, Downtyme shows you nearby available friends. Just select one (or several) and ask to eat, shop, or just chill. Available on iOS and Android.


Presenting mobile apps is a pain. So is collaborating remotely with mobile developers. Don't let clunky hardware cameras and inaccurate simulators get in your way. Introducing iOStream. Mobile presentations made easy. Install the SDK and start streaming now.